My Heart

25 Sep

I wrote this song about 11 years ago for my brother’s wedding, though admittedly the song is more about my marriage than his.  The words are just as applicable to me today, as the human heart is a complex thing–full … Read More »

Total Restoration

19 Sep

There are times when a phrase jumps off the pages of a book, the lines of a song or the bumper of a car and smacks you in the face.  Time stands still, and you feel a lump in your … Read More »

God of This Place

11 Jun

The Israelites had a tradition of setting up Ebenezers to commemorate God’s presence among them.  One of the most famous of these stories is when Jacob, who had run away from home to escape a murderous brother, finds himself alone … Read More »

Hope Arise

3 Aug

We were made for worship, and yet we are often so divided in our hearts as to what we will worship.  Sometimes my heart wants to worship God, but if I’m honest, sometimes it does not.  When I’ve witnessed God’s power and … Read More »

Friends, We Are All Sinners

29 Jul

“Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, Weak and wounded, sick and sore, Jesus ready, stands to save you, Full of pity, love and pow’r…”                                                 -Joseph Hart (1759) I am leaning on these words tonight. I place my faith in … Read More »

“I DO!!!”

25 Jul

Yesterday my lovely wife and I celebrated 15 years of marriage together.  And from the looks of my news feed on Facebook, many people–some young, some old, some in-between–are also celebrating their anniversaries.  Perhaps you are one of those couples, … Read More »

My Soul Thirsts

16 Jul

Years ago, when my wife and I were living in Colorado Springs, I heard a sermon by Matt Heard, the pastor of Woodmen Valley Chapel, about “Engaging Your Thirst.”  Truth be told, I don’t really remember anything specific that he … Read More »

King of Love

16 Jul

I wrote this song a few years ago but I’m re-posting it because I’ve had a fresh experience lately of the vastness of God’s love.  He truly is the King of Love.  Enjoy. King of Love We come now to … Read More »

Slowing Down

11 Jun

Day 3 of summer, and I have been deliberate about slowing down…. We’ve made ice cream (delicious, by the way), we’ve taken a few walks around the neighborhood to visit neighbors or stop by the library, and we’ve stayed up later … Read More »